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PPC(Pay Per Click) is an amazingly fast and effective method that connects the service provider/seller to the customers who are actively looking for products & services.

Most of us nowadays use online methods, particularly Search Engines to seek a service or shop something that we need. Using the Search Engine is the best way available now to get in touch with the right audience.

We use many analytical tools which assist us to generate the best of the leads/calls, which in turn gives businesses better conversion opportunities. We do regular analysis to help optimizing the campaign as well as conversion. This ensures that the cost incurred by the businesses is in check & increase in volume of calls/leads.

So why wait and not take the opportunity to grow your business when there are customers waiting for you. With the experience & the expertise that we have, it is our job to get you and your customers connected & that too at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.


Looking to increase your revenue or just starting up your business, you came to the right place. We at Lead Gen India have customized ideas for all your sales & marketing requirements. Our endeavor is to ensure that our client's business is never short of data that drive the growth.

One of the quickest and easiest way to generate leads is through PPC. There are different types of advertisement like Display ads, Banner ads to boost your leads, which in turn translates to more revenue generation. It also gives you tremendous control over budget and demographics that suits your requirement. 

Here at Lead Gen India, we do everything for you. All you need to focus is on your business. Starting from the ad creation onward, we take care of every aspect of your call & lead requirements. We do Keyword research & Analysis, Search Optimization, Conversion Tracking, Campaign Optimization, Expansion of Ad & a lot more, which eventually gives you tremendous Return of Investment. 

With the spread of Internet & Mobile devices at an exponential rate, it is vital that every business adapts the way they function. Traditional sources of leads like word of mouth or newspaper advertisement are going out of trend at an alarming pace. People only look for a service or product when they need it. And when they need them, they requirement is almost almost immediate. Most of them use search engines to search for the particular product or services. This is where we come into the picture & assist businesses to get connected to the right customers. 



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One of the quickest and easiest way to generate leads is through PPC. It gives you tremendous control over budget and demographics that suits your requirement





We provide custom designed leads for Local Service Provider. It will ensure you get leads only in the Geographical area that you cater for or intend to.



Search Engine Marketing helps create more visibility of your product & services, which in turn translates to higher revenue.




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We help plan the strategy & budget as per Client requirement and targets to provide best results with minimal spending.

Bet it any type of business that you are in, whether it is AC Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Event Management Company, Food & Catering Services, Real Estate Sales/Purchase/Rent/Lease, Cable or Internet service provider or Any other repair or service provider, we have custom made strategies to generate 100% Quality Calls & Leads. And that too at the lowest budget due the expertise ans technical know how that we were able to achieve over the years. 

We believe in long term working relationship and we take utmost care of our clients in the best possible manner. We understand people's need and accordingly we deal with it. We also believe in the principle of growing together. Because if our clients grow, we grow too. And that is why we give all our effort and pour our heart and mind over the projects so that we all grow together. We were able to help grow many businesses for this reason. We work out a plan no matter how much is your budget. So lets work together to grow together.

We specialize in providing following types of PPC Leads

* AC Repair Leads

* Washing Machine Repair Leads

* RO Repair Leads

* Fridge Repair Leads

* Travel Leads

* Sales Leads

* Real Estate Leads

* Business Leads

* Customized Leads for Call Centers

* All Service/Repair Leads

What You Get

Pricing Plan

Standard price for services are Rs 9950/month. This does not include campaign budget and website hosting & domain charges, if you do not have a domain & website. We also provide website designing and domain & hosting at nominal prices if you don't have one. Above price only valid for 1 ad campaign. We also provide customized plans as per client requirement and budget.



Lead Gen India was started 3 years ago with the Idea of becoming Self Independent and due to the Passion that enticed us to the world of Digital Marketing. We kept that that founding principle and have helped numerous small businesses to achieve their goals.

We believe to get the job done, so we keep everything very simple. Starting from our website to the deal between our clients, we keep everything unbelievably simple and easy to understand. 

And we do the best to nurture every opportunity that we came across to get the best of the results for our clients. We understand small businesses and their needs. So we provide one stop solution for all your Digital Marketing needs. We have worked with more than 100 customers so far and were able to generate more than 120,000+ leads/Calls. Bet it Call only leads, Search leads, Banner leads or Display, we have it all for you. 

Here at Lead Gen India, we take care of every aspect of your campaign, from the point of setting budget till generation of leads, so that you can focus on your core business without worrying about it. The campaigns and all aspects of the ad process are managed by experienced digital ad specialists which in turn returns less expenses and gives you all the time to focus on your business.

Let us take care of the business to connect the customers who are actively looking for a product or service that you offer and the location that you serve through targeted ad management to drive the growth that your business deserves.




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